About US


After a trip to my local supermarket last year, I noticed that the shrimp as well as much of the seafood my family enjoys, is sourced from outside of the United States.  What was available was not always fresh and in many cases, not always attainable. Living on Florida’s Gulf Coast, I was aware of the small industry of locally caught Gulf shrimp as well as Atlantic shrimp and seafood.  It was at this point that I asked myself “Why would local grocers as well as local restaurants not source from something that was essentially down the street”?  This question was the catalyst for the creation of Harvest Moon Seafood.

Our company specializes in bringing freshly caught shrimp and seafood from independent suppliers directly to our customers.  Ever hear of “Farm to Table”?  Think of us as “Boat to Table”!  Why get your seafood from someplace where the product freshness is questionable and the availability is unreliable when you can get natural, unprocessed and sustainable shrimp and seafood essentially right off of the boat?  In addition to the freshest shrimp and seafood, we also carry all those little extras to round out a delicious meal. No time to cook? We've got that covered too!

As a US Army veteran and proud American, I feel it’s important to support American-owned as well as veteran-owned businesses and industry. Harvest Moon Seafood’s mission is to provide the best quality and sustainable shrimp and seafood products to you as well as supporting these types of enterprises. Additionally, in buying from Harvest Moon Seafood, you are directly contributing to the success and continuation of the independent and in many cases, family-owned and operated fishing businesses that provide our product. 

Thank you for considering Harvest Moon Seafood!


Thomas “Thom” M. Favorin

Owner and CEO